Indulge in the luxury of pure
skincare and embark on a journey of
radiant beauty with Cleopatra Organics!

Discover our incredible skincare, truly organic free from chemicals, extracts, or alcohol. Rooted in science and ancient skincare wisdom, Cleopatra’s hydrosol secret, dating back 5000 years, inspires us. Hydrosols and plant holograms embody plant properties and are preserved in violet Miron glass. Explore our Packaging/Shipping page for a fascinating story. Our morning and evening blends provide holistic nourishment, ensuring balanced, healthy skin with a radiant natural glow!

Our Motto:

  • Quality Commitment: Rejecting chemical-laden skincare, we assure unwavering quality. Trust in our reliable, modern/ancient skincare. Did you know Cleopatra embraced hydrosols?
  • Look and Feel Radiant: Unleash your inner glow. Our gentle hydrosols, rich in plant goodness, protect and nourish your skin for a natural, deserving radiance.
  • Customer-Centric Support: We prioritize your satisfaction. Questions about us or our products? Reach out! Your feedback matters; we’re eager to assist you on your journey to healthy skin!