Behind the scenes

It’s my job to make sure that when you order we get it to you as soon as possible. I’m here to tell you how it works behind the scenes.

Our hydrosols are 100% organic and natural, safer and better for you and your skin!

We’re trying to take a step back in time when chemicals weren’t used, while keeping it modernised, nothing like anyone has seen.

I enjoy learning all about the new things- plants, herbs and oils and their amazing propertise. I can really understand and see how it helped and will contine to help my skin. We’ve been working very hard on the hydrosols making sure the ingredients best suits the skin and its problems, that the levels are all balanced to ensure you get the best quality for what your skin needs and that it’s 100% organic and without any additives! Since the start we now have seven different hydrosols and others, plus more to come, so stay tuned!

Once ordered

Once you’ve ordered a product off of our website Miky and I start preparing and disinfecting everying in the process. Once thats done we will transfer the hydrosol of your choosing into the beautiful dark Miron glass bottles for your use. Then we ship it the next dat by express post in Australia and standard post to New Zealand.

Storing and packing

When it comes to the ‘fresh in the back, old in the front’ rule in hospotality, this rule also applies for our products. We also keep our hydrosols and oils in the fridge so they stay fresher for longer (hydrosols and oils don’t have to be kept in the fridge, they have a shelf life of 6-12 months if kept out). We make sure to label and date the bottles once created in big numbers so it visible and easy to read. Our safety measures are simple but very important, we wear gloves, an apron, we tie our hear up, we keep good distance to any opened containers and we disfinfect all of our other products like beakers, funnels, bottles ect, with uv light so it can get a proper bacterical clean. We take safety very seriously.

We always want to give as much information as we can about our products, as it’s in your best interest to know exactly whats inside, how its prepared, wheres its coming from, how its handled and the safety measures taken to make sure it the best quality. Glass items should always be handled with care.

Never forget to do an allergy spot test before first use.

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