Pt.2 Acne – Solutions

Hello everyone!!

So we talked about the types of acne, the influences, things to watch out for etc. Today we are going to look at solutions.

Before(client photos)

After (client photos)

  1.  So 1st we recommend using Earth/ Youth Glow bundle, which is perfect for mild to medium acne. If you have heavy and hormonal acne, we recommend starting using Vein glow with the bundle which includes a smaller 35ml (about 1.18 oz) sample bottle which should last about 2 months, or longer if you have light acne. Vein Glow helps with clearing toxins by moving them away from your skin and therefore making your Earth-Youth Glow Bundle works faster. However, as sooner all acne starts to go away, stop using your Vein Glow. It is there to speed up the vein and lymphatic systems to drain and remove toxins and inflammation and tighten the unbalanced sebum glands.
  2. Get into good habits early in life. Look for natural healthy white sugar alternatives like honey, molasses, agave nectar, and maple syrup. The purer, the better.
  3. Well-balanced diets of freshly home-cooked meals from organically grown fruit and vegetables and stress-free meat means the animal was able to live a happy and healthy life before we took it, and we are eating the animal with gratitude and thanks.
  4.  DRINK TEA – daily drink Dandelion tea with honey and lemon, an excellent source of potassium, a mineral and electrolyte that stimulates the heartbeat. Potassium may help the kidney filter toxins more effectively and improve blood flow. The polysaccharides in dandelion are known to reduce stress on the liver and support its ability to produce bile. Weekly drink and you can mix it up a little – nettle, mint and green tea.  Also, rosehip and berry teas, are all amazing and incredibly beneficial and you can drink them every day as well. Make sure you drink organic teas because you do NOT want concentrated cancer-coursing chemicals (pesticides and herbicides) in your tea leaves.
  5. Never use alcohol base products, they simply kill your skin in the long run!!! So read your ingredients and learn about them!!!
  6.  Stop eating soy as it is known to mess with your hormones.
  7.  If you have fresh scars, start using Remedy Glow after most of your acne has cleared.
  8.  Don’t wear skin makeup on daily bases (we recommend never) and use natural cleansers without added chemicals, don’t over-clean either. overcleaning can stimulate oil production and course more acne.
  9.  Sleeping in a bed that does not have chemicals like fire retardants and trying to find pillows and blankets free of these terrible chemicals will also be beneficial.
  10.  Find 10 reasons to smile every day!!!! That helps everything!! 🙂

Also, we working on masks to help get rid of blackheads faster and should be coming soon.


Hope this will help you on your journey to BEAUTIFUL SKIN NATURALLY!!

We do not recommend to use of oil serum while rebalancing your skin with our Youth and Earth Glow Bundle, if you would like to purchase it, wear it only up to 5 times a week after using only Glows for the first 4 weeks.

Also, apply Rollon Rose Gold Protective Oil Serum only very lightly and consult with us if acne persists. We also recommend sending us photos before and then you can text/email pictures every week so we can see your progress and advice you if anything is not progressing correctly.

All herbs and plants have been grown without the use of any chemicals on Bloodwood Organic farm. We only import Certified Organic Damaskas Rose from Bulgaria as the roses are renounced worldwide for their quality.  Our products contain ZERO alcohol, chemicals, additives, or parabens and are not tested on animals and are vegan-friendly.



Every bundle gets a free Vein Glow!! You can also use it on any spider veins and watch them vanish over time.

We also guarantee our hydrosols for 6 months and if anything goes wrong we replace them free of charge.

We can also formulate individual hydrosols for individuals with allergies free of charge, just the cost of the hydrosol.

Any questions?? Please ask, we are here to help!

Miroslava and Natasha



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