Secrets Of Longevity?

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we all have our ideals, and so we should.  However, what is the few things that stand out for a healthy body, mind and skin?  And long life?  This is the question I would like to touch on from my learnings and throughout my life experiences.

Did you know?? 🙂 The oldest person ever whose age has been independently verified is Jeanne Calment (1875–1997) of France, who lived to the age of 122 years and 164 days (wiki)

I also enjoyed reading about the 5 mysterious places where people live longer, these days they call them The Blue Zones, where people statistically live the longest.  Also, I loved hearing stories as a child about Kozack tribes, where people live supposedly to 150.   The 5 blue zone locations are Sardinia, Italy; the islands of Okinawa, Japan; the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica; Ikaria, Greece; and Loma Linda, California.

I also remember reading about a Hunza tribe in the Himalayas whose main diet is apricots and their seeds,  they live to 120 healthy and can have children at 60 with no problems and definitely should be part of the blue zones.  Cancer is very rare in the Hunza tribe or other blue zones.

Just as good as these questions are, what we need to stay away from is probably equally important!


Healthy, happy, long life! How to achieve it:

1. Keep Moving!   Never become a couch potato.  One thing all blue zone people have in common is that they keep moving, they either work, walk, debate, have sex(also in their 100s) or party!!  However taking quite a time to listen to the birds and life out there, and just enjoy nature, trees and the colour of the sun is also part of it. Calm your body and your spirit with the appreciation of the natural beauty around you.

In science they tell us to exercise, however, I don’t find gyms particularly appealing. There are many other ways to exercise.  Pick up a hobby, mountain bike riding is particularly lots of fun and great for your body and your legs without putting too much pressure on your feet or knees.  I love my bike rides.  Also during hot weather, I love to go for a bike ride and then for a swim. My skin loves the fresh air and sun.

2. Walking, swimming and bike riding  1-2 hours every day, unless you work all day physically, then you probably could walk most days for only 30 to 60 minutes.  I think if you can do this in the park or nature you are creating amazing benefits by making your body healthier and stronger,  and yourself younger.

3. Socializing!!!   It is the key factor in anti-aging to socialize with all age groups, the young and the old, it is so very beneficial in my opinion.   Isolation makes people feel more miserable and alone, and therefore you age faster.    So having regular parties with your family, neighbours, friends and co-workers, including the very young and the very old, who should be invited along, is a very effective anti-aging process. We are social creatures, it is in our nature.

4. Sunlight!  Can’t live without it and your skin needs it! And you need the vitamin D our skin makes!  Cleopatra Organics have Protective oil serums which will protect your skin perfectly most days, excluding high and strong sun, usually during midday, UV index 3 & above. During those times we recommend wearing a hat or mineral base sunscreen.

5. Food!  I have a lot of allergies which limits me, so my diet is becoming more simple, but my skin seems to like it.   Food for thought! I think that saying explains it all!!  But food is not only for thought, it’s also for getting the minerals and nutrients to keep our body well balanced and functioning. And too much of anything is not good for you. For example, if you only ate carrots, your skin and eyes turn yellow.

And the food is also for pleasure, eating yummy deserts and ice-creams is nice. I like making my own and I stick to simple ingredients.  And we going to talk about food more next time.

6. Skin is the largest organ!  Skin is the human body’s largest organ weighing around 3.5kg on average.

And since the skin is exposed it needs and deserves special attention and micro food in the form of hydrosols, oil serums and masks.  However, the hydrosols are the basis of our daily routine!!  And we going to talk a lot more about skincare.

Be Beautiful Naturally!!

Have a great day! 


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