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I just wanted to go through my bundle with you and tell you what they do and how it helps. I previously wrote another blog on Earth glow and Youth glow, ( link below ) and they work perfectly together and are such a simple but effective skincare routine. but by adding the max sun protection oil and the Lipelious oil it becomes a whole new skincare routine, every product that gets used all have different properties and helps in different ways.



My skin type is more oily but I am dry in some areas, I also suffer from flat, and dull skin, acne and pigmentation problems, as well as enlarged pores. Earth glow and Youth glow, have helped so much with that. I always start with my Earth glow when I wake up after rinsing my face with lukewarm water, and I spray that a few times during the day. When it hits 3-4 pm I like to give my face another rinse considering I’m getting home and start using my Youth glow spray, all the way up until I go to sleep. Earth glow helped plump and refreshed the face as well as tighten the pores, balancing the skin and giving that natural glow, Youth glow on the other hand helps correct pigmentation problems, and acne, tightens pores, rejuvenates and balances the skin and they both help to balance the sebum gland so it’s not overproducing, eg, oily skin and serve acne.


Before using my bundle

After a month of using my bundle 

My max sun protection oil is perfect for those super sunny days or any type of weather where the natural elements might be too hard for bare skin, I mostly up it on my arm because it is always in the sun while I’m driving, and it completely helped out the tan that I got. It completely brought my arm back to my natural brown although there is a little tan it wasn’t as bad as it was when I got super dark. It is a perfect application and once massaged in it helps prevent the skin from getting more burnt and well returns the colour so it helps with the pigmentation as well. It has also helped my nasolabial fold which is the wrinkles from your nose down to your mouth, worry lines which are the wrinkles on your forehead (those could also be from stress) and my under eye lines, it helps to lessen the boldness or darkness and soften the lines. It also moisturizes and absorbs very nicely into your skin and you don’t have to apply it a lot at a times, for it holds onto your skin making the effects last longer. It should always be used while you’re in the sun.


My Lipelious Pinkiss is amazing, I didn’t realize exactly how discoloured or strippy my lips were (which we will be making a post about that on social media) and how uneven they were in size and they weren’t a bright pink colour it was a lot duller. Lipelious helps with restoring the colour of my lips making them bold and more full they also helped even out my lips a little bit as well. It also has this wonderful smell I can’t get over it and we also put biodegradable glitter into it as well so it makes the perfect going-out lip balm/gloss that also heals your lips at the same time. My lips would also get very dehydrated even though I would drink water and everything that just didn’t quite help my lips and would constantly be cracked, I’ve used pawpaw which did help but I’m looking for lasting effects and pawpaw just wasn’t last, I’ve also used chapstick ones that would be recommended because they worked so well and they just never worked with me as well as it did with everyone else but Lipelious has given so much hydration to my lips and helping with my cracked or dry lips. We have photos of my lips in the oil serums/Lipelious that you can have a look at.

I hope this has given some perspective into my bundle if anyone else is facing the same problems this bundle would be perfect for you, and why not get them while we are having a Christmas special? Thank you!

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