The benefits of Earth-Youth Glow on me

Hey everyone it’s Tashi here!

I just want to share the brilliant benefits of these two hydrosols. By themselves they work brilliantly but together,  it is a whole new skincare routine.  And you can even add our protective oil serum, which also can be used daily.

Our youtube video above shows you how easy it is to use and how to use it!  Please subscribe to our Youtube channel, so we can go live and answer your question. Thank you!!!

I’ve noticed quite a few benefits from using these two products. Earth Glow firms and hydrates my face, brightens my complexion and brings out that natural glow helping me to look fresher in the mornings, it helps plump my flat dull areas and it’s quite hydrating. Earth Glow gives the extra nutrients that your skin needs which are not in Youth Glow.

Youth Glow helped me with acne, after a few weeks of use my pimples went away, I even had these pimple-like white lumps that couldn’t be removed from squeezing, woudn’t go away, I had them since around fourteen until I started using these products and I’m 21 now.

Another benefit is it helped skin colour by correcting or evening out the skin tone (pigmentation). I’ve always been different shades of brown, with my face it normally goes along with my natural contour but my arms and things are very noticeable in singlets, Youth glow helped in that aspects, it returned my natural skin tone and evened out it completely, it also helped with my under eyes as that is discolouration. it also helps with boosting hydrating, bringing out my natural glow, it also shrunk my pores and moisturizers my skin and it is quite a rejuvenation

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