The wonders of Youth Glow Hydrosol

Hello everyone!

I’m Natasha, otherwise known as Tashi, and I want to tell you a bit about our youth glow hydrosol and how it has helped my skin. Our Youth Glow hydrosol would be more used by people who are suffering the same things as I am below, more oily, opened pores, itchy, flaky skin, sensitive and uneven tone if you aren’t having those issues and it is perfect for normal skin if it just needs a healthy organic boost.

I have always had problematic skin from big open pores, dark undereye circles and eyelids, to pimples, red dots/areas, unbalanced toning (discolouration) and unhydrated deflated skin. Thankfully one day I met Miroslava, otherwise known as Miky, and we created the perfect solution. I’ve been using it for a little over a month now and the changes are unbelievable. I’ve used other products in the past, I was even using one right up until a week before I started Youth Glow, and I saw no change in other products within the months I was using them, plus most of them (including mine) had unorganic products such as alcohol and other chemicals that your skin does not need!

After using it for a month I can see the change, a big change within my skin, my tone is even, my pores have shrunk, my dark circles and eyes have decreased and my skin feels rehydrated firm and plumper.

So I want to show you three pictures taken during the process of the month.

Day 1

I haven’t used any product at all, you can see how dark the areas are around my eyes, the strong lines under my eyes and a bit around my nose, you can see a lot of discolouration on my nose and face and you can see many little pimples and red dots.

The first night I started spraying Youth Glow, I sprayed my face about three times before bed and my face felt more relaxed and tight

Day 10

Nearly a week and a half in and my skin started to detoxify, hence why its more oily in this, which is a normal process, your body does it as you change diet, but you can already see a difference my colour is finally becoming a colour and is evening out across my face, the different collours on my nose are smoothing out, my eye have lightened by fifty percent and my skin already looks abit more plump

Day 31

My skin feels amazing and fresh aswell as rehydrated.

My face has basically evened out, my bags are basically gone, theres no pimples and red dots anymore, the lines are taking longer but by every week they fade more, my porse have completely closed and my face feels firm and plump, as it looks aswell.

I used the spray two – three times a night every night before bed and it absorbs quite quickly. It works well in the  summertime and it works well in the winter two. i started at the end of summer.

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