Why acne? Types, causes, myths & more!

Not looking so good after testing alcohol base product and having an allergic reaction to food later in the day, but still smiling as I have now R&R bundle to the rescue.

Even though I don’t get much acne and never had,  it is sad that so many people suffer from it and even make it worst by using the wrong products.   We are confident that with time our skincare can naturally re-balance your skin and therefore help.  Food alone doesn’t cause acne or prevent it, just influences it.

The one organic product I like to stay away from is coconut oil,  it has a high comedogenic rating and blocks your pores and will make acne worst.  MCT coconut oil may be a little better, however, it is highly processed and I still wouldn’t recommend it!

The worst thing is that I am not surprised about all the lousy skin conditions out there.  We live stressful lives while being poisoned by herbicides and pesticides, plastics and useless additives in our food that harm us.  Plus hormones in our meat and poultry are also passed onto us and courses havoc with our health and our skin!  And the cheap natural fillers, some preservatives and additives in our food also do us harm.  I am not even in favour of vitamins as they are mostly synthetically processed, and don’t have any natural vibrations and energy as herbs and hydrosols do!  I would only take a vitamin if I am seriously deficient in something.  And only take tablets which I absolutely have to have like my thyroid hormone.  I also have Hashimoto’s thyroid and if I stop taking it, I would eventually become very weak and tired and even slip into a coma and die. So I take it.

Also, I like to mention soy, a cheap natural filler and the most controversial one, it is in everything, bread, pasta, sauces, chocolate and even some ice-creams.  Soy contains a high amount of isoflavones(plant estrogen), which bind to our estrogen receptors and can course havoc.  There may be 2 groups of people, some of which soy actually helps and some which soy harms, that would explain the opposing views and research.   In any case, we should not have too much soy as it does affect our hormones.   I personally have to have zero soy because I developed an allergy to soy a few months ago.

Plus we sleep on beds (I have an organic latex bed without retardants) full of fire retardants which coursing us harm further.

And no.1:  don’t use alcohol in your skincare, it ruins your skin!

Too much cleansing with the wrong products can also course acne!!!!

Before(client photos)

After (client photos)

So what is acne?  Acne is a skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells or too much sebum is made by the sebum gland (which is attached to the hair follicle) usually due to hormones.  However acne has so many triggers that it can be very different for every person, it is definitely not one size fits all diagnosis.

Acne Vulgaris types:

1. Blackheads:  head of a pore stays open, the rest is plugged with dead skin and oils (comedogenic)

2. Whiteheads:  closed plugged pores, the pore is blocked all the way through (comedogenic)

3. Papules: red bumps course by dead skin & bacteria mixing together and spilling out of your pore, no pus (inflammatory)

4. Pustules: bulging bumps with a white centre surrounding red, inflamed skin with yellowish pus (inflammatory)

5. Nodules: bumps deep under the skin, clogged pores get inflamed, no puss and feels hard

6. Cyst: large, red, inflamed, painful, pus-filled lumps under the skin, that can burst and infect surrounding skin

7. Milium (also called oil seed or milk spots): technically not acne, but a white hard bump around your nose or eyes course by trapped skin and keratin in a sweat gland.

8. Hormonal Acne:  the 1st 6 points can be course by hormones formed usually on the lower part of your face and through the nose area, like an upside-down T.  Usually course by imbalances in the sebum gland and takes longer to treat.  Menopausal acne is also course by hormonal changes.


So it doesn’t matter what type of acne you have.  What we do is find the best Glows for you, which over time balances your sebum, and therefore your acne and scarring reduces.

We working on a product to heal old scarring at the moment.


We strongly recommend to give us a call so we can recommend the best things for you.  You can also book an appointment with Tashi and me on Facebook on Mondays and Saturdays.

Or you can book an appointment just with me Tuesday to Friday on Facebook or just text me with suitable times on 0425221046 and I call you back after we arrange the best time.   Of course, you can also give me a call to see if I am available to talk to you instantly.


Have a great day everyone!!!


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