Why Spot-check! Allergies!

Hi guys,

Unfortunately, we cannot cure allergies.  I know, I suffer from them myself, not only am I allergic to some foods and even herbs, like soy, turmeric, oregano, mint and more, but I am also allergic to many medications and very sensitive to chemicals.

Doctors do have some treatments, so if you suffer from allergies you should see a doctor, and don’t be like me.  At the moment I am so over all the doctors, but that is another story.

I have kept 2 of my favourite face creams I used to use still over a year ago in the morning sometimes, because of SPF and I thought there were natural,  back then.   I did a test because I was interested to know how my skin will react and the reaction was more than I bargained for.  I had to go and wash it off my face and then spray Remedy to soothe the skin!   Remedy saved me again!!!  So I decided not to do it again and just show you the photo I took quickly before going to the bathroom.

My skin is red and irritated,

my eyes are sore and watery,

and it starting to all feel painful.

So I washed my face straight after and

sprayed Remedy Glow to soothe the skin.

REMEDY GLOW to the rescue, yet again!!

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